Hey Folks!!!

Today we are going to explore a new topic of modern javascript (polyfills are always there 😅)

Optional chaining (‘?.’)

So javascript is very clever but at some point , it is just a piece of code which don’t know what to do (it occurs rarely 😎)


Hey folks!!!

Today we are going into one new topic of javascript or i can say modern javascript 🤨.

Nullish coalescing operator…wait!! even i am not able to pronounce it 😶, but who cares 😋.

Let’s start the journey !!!!!!😎

The nullish coalescing operator ?? provides a short syntax for…

Learning JS & every time a thing comes Closure, Ahhhhh i know listening closer is easy and enjoyable but learning it , it is a bit boring & also bit sleepy, But i just want to say it is very IMPORTANT!!!!!. So just start the journey of closure .

Abhishek Saxena

Working as a full time Front-End developer & also searching web for some cool stuff.

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